Hello! My name is Jason Edward Harrington

As a writer and editor, I have worked and written for the New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, TIME Magazine online, and Politico. Yes, you can Google this. And no, I did NOT make my own Wikipedia page! It’s very hard to do that without external links to top tier publications, as well as having been on or in the news. One day I made the mistake of Googling myself and there it was. I hope to work with you soon, because my goal is to make this my full time job.

Author: howiabandoned

Freelance writer and editor at your service. Click on "portfolio" on the main menu to see publications I've written and edited for. Also the whole site is full of articles I've written or edited. Email me at jasonedharrington@gmail.com for the fastest response, and especially if you'd like to hire me for a longer term project. Twitter: https://twitter.com/jas0nharringt0n?lang=es

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