My passion has always been the written word. I’ve appeared professionally in publications such as The New York Times and POLITICO Magazine, as well as many others. I’m here to take on almost any type of writing and or editing project. I’ve dabbled in almost every form of writing and editing, from ad copy to blog content to novels, and for anything I haven’t yet tackled, I’m a fast and enthusiastic learner. I’ve written and edited in the tech niche– from B2B and AI advancement announcements– to “What is CBD” and health and fitness-type articles, to editing help for ESL speakers. I’ve ghostwritten several popular articles, as well as posted on influencers’ social media accounts. Finally, I’m also certified to help write resumes and LinkedIn profiles for maximum effect, to help you get that dream job. I’m from Chicago. I live for true crime on Netflix. I’m a nice guy I have to admit, easy to work with, and I’d love to work with you, so just drop me a line any time and we can discuss your project for free!

Follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/jas0nharringt0n?lang=es

Email me at: jasonedharrington@gmail.com

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